By continuously increasing the quality in the provision of health services in the light of scientific developments; to provide ethical, reliable, easily accessible and friendly health service that respects patient and employee rights.

With its modern infrastructure and experience; is to be a healthcare provider recognized in the country by being a leader in its region by providing sincere, innovative, environmentally friendly and high quality health service.


Hospitals are one of the most important government institutions for people and  to serve people.

They have important duties in order to provide the best service to the patients.

Patients and companions should act with this awareness.

All patients and their relatives must comply with the Hospital Rules.

1. Hospital visiting hours are between 13:00-14:00 every day.

2. Do not bring food or drink into the hospital during the visit.

3. Under 12 years of age children are not admitted to the hospital during the visit due to the risk of infection.

4. Visitors are not allowed to the hospital except during visiting hours.

5. Visiting and obtaining information should be done in accordance with the written regulations at the entrances of the special department (intensive care, burn unit, etc.).

6. No smoking in the hospital.

7. Do not speak loudly in the hospital.

8. The patient cannot leave the service without the knowledge of the service nurse.

9. Do not damage hospital equipment.

10. Use clean patient room and toilets.

11. Avoid unnecessary use of electricity and water.

12. Inform the service nurse if the patient has any medications of his/her own

13. Patients do not keep their valuables (gold, money, etc.) with them.

14. Companion changes are made within the knowledge of the service nurse during visiting hours.

15. Companions should have their companion identification cards with them.

16. Companions must show their companion cards to the cafeteria staff at meal times.

17. Companions should not be in patient rooms during visiting hours.

18. Companions should not make any application to the patient other than the doctor's and nurse's directives.

19. Help to staff about hospital rules.

20. Hospital contact phone numbers: (0324) 233 71 80 (pbx).